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It Is What It Is Tee
Autumndawn Mayner
Great shirt

It's a great shirt. My husband loves it.

It Is What It Is Tee
Jessica Estrada

My husband loves this shirt and so do I. We both wear it when we can.

At My Limit Tee

It Is What It Is Tee
Antonio Ortiz
Easily my mew favorite shirt

I didn't think much when I bought the shirt but just the quality of the print and the shirt itself, not to mention the custom tags, has easily made it my new favorite shirt. The first time around wearing It I went to the mall and its been the best conversation starter with literally anyone I came across. 12/10 It is what it is

The Hoodies are Amazing!

Really truly so happy with it, material and quality absolutely top tier. I thought it’d take a while for it to arrive since I’m in the UK, but it arrived super fast, and I can’t hype up this hoodie enough. It’s comfy and the weight of it makes me feel so secure. Honestly 10/10, adore, can’t wait to get paid and order a bunch more man. 🫶 Thank you!

AMAZING quality

My girlfriend loves it

It Is What It Is Tee
Michael Torres
Oh yeah hella cool

An absolute impulse purchase it as soon as it became available. I love the shirt overall; it has good stitchwork and a solid design. 10/10 would recommend :)


I love my frog blanket so much! I can’t decide if I want to use it as a blanket or tapestry but the material is amazing and high quality it is very large and keeps you warm if you use it as a blanket. I love the design the detail is great I could stare at it for hours.

Mush blank


Frog World Woven Blanket

Pookie Bear Tee
Madison Dyer

Pookie Bear Tee

fits wonderfully, soft materials and fast shipping + delivery 💖

Sporrior Tee
Maddie Favre
Cute cute designs

love the designs. ive got a small mid frame and got the large so i could have longer sleeves and then just cropped the length to get that *baggy tshirt fit* im 5’5 145lb

comfy, 10/10

amazing texture and fast delivery as always 😌

Pookie Bear Tee
Kylee Howard

sick as hell

Very great sweatshirt

Material is nice, print is high quality and not too pricy. Very nice overall!

quick delivery, soft materials, good quality <3

New favorite hoodie

Dude its great, the hoodie blank you used is amazing, extremely soft inside and out, also thick enough to keep me warm in 30°F weather I also love how the hoodie was made not sure if it woupd be considered a three panel hoodie but it gives good coverage on the sides of the face. All in All this is my new favorite hoodie.

Frog Blanket

I love it! The blanket is comfy and I love the designs on it! Very well made!

Great quality and design

I got my adventure time hoodie in the mail gave it a wash and wore it out first day gotta say I’m completely satisfied with the quality of the sweater and love the design on it couldn’t be happier with my purchase

Ciggy animals

Love the stickers they are adorable and the quality is great. 10/10 would buy again.

it’s heavy!

i might size up with this one because it kind of sits weird being so heavy. but super cute

Awesome quality and design

I’ve bought from this small business twice and each time they come to me quickly. The shirts I’ve bought are great quality, the design lasts and doesn’t crack if washed correctly. I love the limited drops it makes the stuff I buy even more special!