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Tattoo Permission & Reference

Tattoo Permission & Reference

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This gives you permission to get any design I've made. Plus, if you would like a HD still image of the design, please follow the directions...

NOTE: This is for HD reference pics, not for custom designs.

1.) Email me at

2.) In the subject line, type your order number.

3.) In the body, describe the tattoo or tattoos you want an image of. You can use words or screenshots.

Please allow me to get back to you within a week. I would love to give everyone free pictures of the designs I've made, but because there are so many requests I am not able to. I very much appreciate seeing my designs tattooed on you, it makes my day every time. Thank you so much for the support and helping me on my way to become a tattoo artist. Thanks for reading this far my friend.

~Matthew H.

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